Playstorm Studios is currently working on a game called Eagle Knight Paradox, a 2D acción plataformer slice of life, with a deep and compelling story. Ian is a 16 year old pilot who is sent on his first mission to protect the city spacestation “Comala 88” which is under attack by the Elite Eagle knight squadron “The Guardians”. He will have to face his former Friends and make tough choices in order to live without compromising his principles.

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Born on earth on the area known as northern islands Ian and his brother always dreamt of becoming Eagle knights pilot and travel throughout the solar system on adventures, he never knew all the hardships that awaited them.


Formerly named Audrey Grace Parker, Adama changed her name and looks in order to follow her Dream of becoming a pop star, although she could never forget how horrible people use to treat her.

Captain Roja

Leticia Aragon Rojas AKA “la roja” (the red one) is the captain of the space frigate “2 de Octubre” a famous ship known to have numerous heroic and unlikely outcomes during the Deimos Battles, but nothing could prepare the Young captain for what was about to face.


Having the record on the most outstanding student graduated from the Calmecac (an elite school for nobles) Abel Valencia quickly made his way in the Elite Eagle knight squadron “the Guardians”, being recognized even by the top pilots as the best of the best.

About Us

Playstorm Studios is founded by a group of people that felt games should have better recognition as cultural media. Combining different backgrounds like fine arts, programming and classical music the team went to a process of learning a lot in very few time in order to live the common dream: making games.
Playstorm Studios has at its core games like Megaman X, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and all the awesome new indie classics such as owlboy, celeste and dead cells. We work very hard and very passionately in order to deliver great experiences players can enjoy and try to push the médium to new grounds not yet tested before.

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